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For Sale Santa Monica Listed By All Brokers   

The following properties are listed by Cooperating Brokers working with Muselli Commercial Realtors 

Please contact your Muselli Agent for details on these properties.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the flyers.  If you do not have it installed on your computer yet it is available for FREE by clicking on this link.  Click here for Map of the City of Santa Monica
Muselli Exclusive Listings - Click on Address to view the flyer.
Address Type Property Date Status
107 - 117 Channel Road Retail and apartments
2207 Lincoln Blvd. Fast Food Retail
1415 Wilshire Blvd Retail
1844 10th Street Units
1447 11th Street Offices and Photo Studio Gallery
1438 11th Street Units
1315 Third Street Promenade Retail, Restaurants, Creative Offices
1528 Stanford Street Units
1530 Pico Blvd Retail Fast Food 
1814 14th Street Offices
1937 17th Street Units
2618 2nd Street Units
3008 Main Street Retail and Offices
1546 7th Street Commercial Land with Units
919 20th Street Units
1216 Arizona Ave Land for Units
2757 Arizona Ave Units-Duplex
532 Colorado Avenue Office Building
1324 Idaho Avenue Units
700 Kensington Ave Units
2207 Lincoln Blvd Auto commercial land
2700-2720 Lincoln Blvd Auto Center Retail 
1730 Ocean Park Blvd Retail and Offices. Owner user
1123 Princeton Avenue House and Units
123-35 San Vicente Blvd Units



1513 6th Street, Suite 204A Santa Monica, CA 90401

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