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 Career Opportunities

Since 1979, MUSELLI COMMERCIAL REALTORS has represented real estate owners and investors  in the Santa Monica and Western Los Angeles areas. We foster long-term relationships with owners and investors defined by attention to detail, strong market knowledge, integrity, and unmatched professionalism.

MUSELLI COMMERCIAL REALTORS is involved in the sale and leasing of office, retail, and industrial properties.  In addition we sell apartment buildings, Triple Net Lease Properties, and development sites for apartment and commercial construction.   We are a relationship based company specializing and handle many aspects of our clients investments.  Click here to learn more

The following is the training format for sales agents new to the business or for those that may have had experience in other areas of real estate but now want a career in commercial brokerage.

  1. Formalized training by Vince Muselli in two one-hour sessions per week for the first twelve weeks.
  2. You will be assigned to work with a senior agent for the first six months.  During this time you will receive on-the-job training and work with an experienced agent.  All aspects of the commercial and investment brokerage business will be covered and you will become involved in all aspects of various type of transactions.
  3. Extensive training in the art of prospecting and marketing yourself, in order to create your own client base and brokerage success.

The following is an outline of our hiring criteria and requirements for new sales agents:

  1. Full time or part time:  Our clients demand professional agents that are available during business hours.  However we do offer part time positions where by you are teamed up with a senior associate until such time as you are able to go full time.                                                          A California Real Estate License is required.
  1. Six-month income reserve: Letís face it.  Your coming into a business that is very competitive.  The learning curve, start-up time, and income generating part of commercial brokerage take some time to accomplish.  MUSELLI COMMERCIAL REALTORS does not offer a salary or draw against future commissions.  Itís a lot to ask, but you must be prepared to sustain yourself for up to six months before expecting to generate your first commission payment.
  1. Personal computer:  Computers have become an integral part of the brokerage business. Computer literacy is very important.  While we do not expect you to be a programmer, experience with utilizing the Internet, Microsoft Work & Excel, and ACT Contact Management Software is beneficial.   We maintain a centralized database of information which you will have access to and participate in developing.  Each agent is responsible for providing their own computer and printer.  We supply the software, data and network support.
  1. Start up costs:  Start up cost to enter the business are $1,000.00.  These costs go towards professional organization membership, on-line computer data base membership, direct mail marketing and Errors & Omissions insurance.  These fees are due upon joining the Company.

If you would like to be considered for a position with MUSELLI COMMERCIAL REALTORS please email your resume to Vince Muselli at muselli@muselli.net or fax to 310-458-4100

Muselli Commercial Realtors

1513 6th Street, Suite 201A Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone: (310) 458-4100     Fax: (310) 458-4100

Contact us by email at muselli@muselli.net

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